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Start Up Guide


How to Operate: 

ON: To turn on click the button once. 

OFF: To turn off the unit click the button once.

CHANGE COLORS: To change colors or settings, while the unit is on click the button twice quickly.

CHANGE BRIGHTNESS: To change the brightness of the setting, once on click the button and hold.

BLUETOOTH: To enter Bluetooth mode - from the off position click and hold the button till it turns on and the green indicator light is on. 

RESET BLUETOOTH/COMPATIBILITY MODE: To reset your Bluetooth and put it into search mode, from the off position enter blue tooth mode by clicking and holding the unit the green indicator light turns on. Now click and hold for 5-7 seconds to reset and enter the Bluetooth compatibility mode.


Connecting to the App:


Download Here:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lumin8&hl=en_US

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lumin8/id1511416208


Once downloaded follow the prompts until you reach the main screen and click add device:


From There navigate towards lighting:

Click lighting (Bluetooth)

Make sure your light is in Bluetooth mode (from off position click and hold the button) 

Click Confirm light has flashed

Allow up to 1 minute for your app to find the Bluetooth signal.

(If you are having trouble connecting to your light while you light is in Bluetooth mode click and hold the light for another 7 seconds and it will reset and go into compatibility mode)

Once your light pops up click add device and name your light whatever you like. 


Creating Smart Scene:

Navigate towards the scene tab and click on a scene.

Click Edit on the top right corner.

From this menu, you can create scenes or effects with different colors that clash at various speeds.


Creating Groups:

Making Groups with your lights:

In the top right corner click button once you are on the control screen. 

From their select create group

You can have any combination of lights in the group that you please. 


To charge the unscrew the waterproof cap at the end of the unit. Use the provided charging cable and adapter to begin charging. Charging takes between 4-6 hours depending on the input. 


Do not use the 1/4inch hole for mounting the unit it is strictly for mini-tripod standing.

Do not put into water unless the endcap is tightly screwed on.

Do not leave charging past max charge capabilities it will diminish the battery life. 

Do not take the lights deeper than 1.5 meters for longer than 30 minutes.

Do not drop your unit as some parts of the lights are more fragile than others.


Thank you for your support, watch this quick video below to learn how to get the most out of your Lumin8 Spectrum Unit:


Have any questions? Email us at Hello@shoplumin8.com